Our Talks, Programs & Workshops are proven in helping individuals and business to breakthrough and perform better by learning to exercise the most powerful muscle in the body ‘the brain!’.

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Looking for an award winning Professional Speaker – Inspirational Speakers or Keynote Speakers?  Then look no further than John Shackleton, one of Australasia’s leading Motivational Speakers.

John Shackleton is one of Australia and New Zealand’s leading inspirational and motivational speakers, the ideal choice for keynote presentations and workshops at any event ranging from sales team training sessions to full industry conferences.

With a background in Sports Coaching and Sports Psychology, John is a renowned expert on performance, showing international business audiences techniques to improve the most powerful muscle in the body – the brain.”If you want to achieve better results in your business life, then you’d better understand how your brain works.”You’ll need to know what motivational strategies work for you, how to keep your mental focus when you’re under pressure, how to switch on confidence whenever you need it and how to stay positive when it feels like the world is against you.

With more than 20 years experience as a professional motivational speaker John was voted 2007 Speaker of the Year by the National Speakers Association (NSA) of New Zealand. He was recently awarded his CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) by the NSA of Australia, the highest qualification available to professional speakers, given to only the top 5% of speakers world wide. John Shackleton is passionate about lifting people’s performance and helping them to raise their game. His exhilarating master classes put sales teams, managers and business owners through their mental paces to help them achieve best performances in their business and personal life.